New book club starting in August

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I’ve been so impressed with all the information in Dina Wakley’s new book… Art Journal Freedom.. I can’t wait to start a new book club.

If you are a Bay Area Local:  Make sure you email if you are interested in participating..

Click here to participate in the poll to help us decide what day/time is best for the majority of you.


Here is an outline of what we are going to cover each week:

Week 1: Symmetry & Asymmetry (On the grid)
Week 2: White Space, Continuance & Closure
Week 3: Proximity (Butcher Paper Collage)
Week 4: Dominance & Repetition (Re-Inker Backgrounds)
Week 5: Color Basics & Contrast with Color (PanPastel Rainbow Background & Gel Medium Resist)
Week 6: Color as a Composition Tools (Artsy Painted Birds)
Week 7: The Power of Black & White (Black Spray Paint and Silhouettes) – also Binding our pages together into a journal

Here are some examples of the work we will be doing.


(artwork by Pat Chavez)




(artwork by Cindy Dorsa)


(artwork by ??)



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