Art with my son Nic…

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So.. I’m blessed that my son’s girlfriend likes art because that means I get to spend some time with them in the studio… Normally my 17 year old has “better things to do”… But Daphne is a good influence on him and they have come in a few times now to make stuff together.

Here is a new metal clay class inspired by what Nic made Daphne today…

Let’s start at the beginning… What 17 year old boy doesn’t love an open flame?!


Then hammering into silver with metal punches is kinda cool too



He is surprisingly handy with the jump rings… (there is Daphne in the background)



And quite pleased with his finished project. Here is a close up of the back side..


So the point of this post is this… Mom’s.. Bring your sons in to the studio and enjoy some bonding time as you make fine silver bracelets with metal clay.  It takes about 2 hours and is quite rewarding.



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