New Book Club starting!!

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We were so inspired by Roxanne’s visit a couple weeks ago that we are starting a book club to go through her newly released “Acrylic Techniques” book.  Over a 7 week period we will be meeting weekly to try techniques and challenges we find in the book.  I will supply all the materials you need but you are welcome to bring special papers, fabrics, texture making tools if you wish.

Here is an outline of what we will be doing each week:

Chapter 1 – May 9(or 10) – Fear No Color (Making color wheel tags, mixing brown, tints and shades)

Chapter 2 – May 16(or 17)  (week 1) – Its Elementary (substrates: Magazine Pages, Black & White Copies, Mark Making pt. 1)
Chapter 2 – May 23 (or 24) (week 2) – Its Elementary (substrates: canvas, fabric, Mark Making pt 2)

Chapter 3 – May 29 (or 30) (week 1) Printing Techniques (rubbings, colllagraphs)
Chapter 3 – June 6 (or 7) (week2) Printing Techniques (Stamping, found objects)

Chapter 4 – June 13 (or 14)- Stenciling & Painting (stenciling tools, cutting stencils, layering stencils)

Chapter 5 – June 20 (or 21) – Layer it Lush (putting it all together…bring back all the papers, fabrics and canvases from the previous weeks and we will work on layering 101 & layering 102)
Sign up for all 7 sessions for $30 per session…pick and choose which sessions and pay $40 per session

Click here to sign up for the Thursday night sessions (6:30-8:30pm)  OR  Click here to sign up for the Friday morning sessions (10:30am-12:30pm)


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