Ok, so I have about a dozen things I want to post so I’ll spread it out over a few days…lo

First and foremost the late video tutorial post that went up last Friday on YouTube.

Next…day #2 of my 30 Day Art Challenge….

Today was “Inspired by Art Journaling Magazine” and we chose to be inspired by our very own Julie Valentine!!

I’ve posted the photo on my “April’s 30 Day Art Challenge” page…HERE

Here is a sneak peek of a tutorial I prepared for a couple of weeks from now….oohh…I can’t wait to share it

And finally…. Next Tuesday’s “Inspired by Pam Carriker” session at 1030 will be all about conte crayon portraits.. You won’t want to miss this opportunity





These are a few pieces we did in class last time…

click here to sign up for next Tuesday’s Session at 10:30 am.

And the last thing is our new intro to dapping class next Tuesday afternoon.

Learn to cut your own disk.. Add texture and/or words.. DAP (round) and rivet!

click here to sign up for this class on Tuesday, April 9 from 3:30-5:30pm


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