Studio Tour

I spend the evening at a career fair at Mountain View Academy last night and thought it would be nice to show a video of the studio.  This week in place of a tutorial I am posting this studio tour.  Many of you have already been here and know most of this…but here it is for potential visitors as well.  Of course, this was unscripted and spontaneous so I left some things out but it is the basic lay of the land (even the messy parts 😉  Enjoy!


5 Replies to “Studio Tour”

  1. Andrea, loved the tour…even if I’m been there for many years…I still learned some stuff and maybe now I won’t need to bug others w/ the where’s this or that. Thank you! I love AWOH!

  2. Your tour of the studio is so informative!! Now I will not have to ask so many questions when I’m there next time! Great job, Andrea!

  3. I’ve been to a few classes but always need to know where something else is. This is perfect! Now I feel even more comfortable working here. Thank you. What a good idea. You should keep this tour up on the main homepage of the website.

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