I taught an impromptu plaster carving and painting class today…. First off I am madly in love with plaster.. Even more so with wood icing thank you Mary Beth Shaw…

Here is my piece as it progressed


Oops.. No stage 1 pic



And why I couldn’t leave well enough alone… I had to distress some more.. Now I have some more fixing to do but oh well…


Here is what the others ended up with



Annette and her sister from capitola



2 Replies to “Art every day. Halfway +1”

  1. Love your black and white moment in the process; good for this month of october. Also, the last distressed photos, what’s the problem? It has character.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Marya… What I’ve learned is that many times I just need to walk away from a piece.. When I come back later I often like it again… (kinda like parenting. Haha)

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