I’ve missed posting for a few days. So here is a catch up post.


Last Thursday.. The 4th was another day of facilitating more than doing art but these lovely women made some awesome metal covered journals all textured and inked.

Friday the 5th I flew to Spokane Washington for my 25 year class reunion.. Actually brought my art journal


And sketched and wrote on the plane.

Saturday morning I woke to a lovely view of the Spokane valley


Here is the “little”, house I tried to capture


Definitely want to spend more time sketching that!

No art on Sunday but I made up for it on Monday


A collograph printing plate


Taught a printmaking class



Added some more to a journal spread


Was inspired by Somerset workshop and Sarah ahearn bellemare to do some whiting out on a piece.. I like how it is coming along


Here it is pre whiting out


Wish I would have taken a pic at the “not working” phase before I wiped all the white paint off and tried again.. Lesson learned

And this is what my studio looks like after an artful ADD day..


Gotta get some work done today. But looking forward to the 7day art journal group tonight

Have a paint day!


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