30 Day Challenge – Day 1

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I’m taking Traci Bunker‘s

30 Days of Get Your Art On 

I’m committed to doing art every day in October.  Want to join me?

Here is what I did today…  Proud of myself for continuing to work in my watercolor journal after taking a class from Kim Howard in Benicia through Art is You…Petaluma.


I was thrilled to get an electric griddle this weekend so I could keep playing with Encaustic painting after taking a class with Serena Barton last week at Art is You…Petaluma.

Here is the start of a painting


The challenge isn’t about “finishing” art every day..it is just about spending an hour per day making art…


2 Replies to “30 Day Challenge – Day 1”

  1. OK….I’m ready for a new, fast paced challenge! I’m guessing they will be itty bitty art pieces! And yesterday’s project will have to suffice for today! Thanks for challenging us!

    MaryLou… iPadding Again!

  2. How are you coming along ml? They don’t have to be finished pieces… Just work on something every day nd take photos to document and post them for others to see.

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