And Bingo was Her Name-O

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Another new class in the works…I have to admit, I’ve been a little hesitant to do another coptic stitch book binding class.  The last one I did was years ago and I just never really felt I got the hang of it without a ton of teaching assistance via youtube….This time I LOVE the way this book came out.  My stash of vintage Bingo cards lend themselves nicely to this project don’t you think?

Don’t look too closely at my stitching on this “Version 1.0”  or the fact that I flipped some of my signatures by accident…ahem…note to self…follow the instructions and keep everything in order and right side up!

I love how the coptic stitch lets your book lay completely flat when it is open…nice for visual journaling.

This is a side view that shows there are ample pages…I’m thinking version 2.0 might have more like 10 signatures of 3 pages making a 120 page book.

Lexi found a sample of a simliar bingo book  all decked out with charms hanging from the spine…which, again, is the plan for version 2.0’s upgrades.

This class will go on the calendar very soon…stay tuned.



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