Recent Pix Around the Studio

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Did you know we have a thermofax machine?  Nearly any black and white image can be turned into a screen for screen printing!


Did you know you can have a birthday party (or any occasion party or team building event) here?  Check out Lori’s party guests and the lovely Mixed Media Mirrors they created.

Did you know that “Book Club” is all about DOING projects from our selected book?  Currently we are working through Ruth Rae’s book “Layered, Tattered & Stitched”.  Thursday June 7th will be the final project from this book. All projects are stand alone. This means you can come to any session without having attended prior sessions.

During June, July & August we will be exploring projects from the book Mixed-Media Paint Box.  It is a delightful conglomeration of projects from Michael deMeng, Kelly Rae Roberts, Claudine Hellmuth, Ruth Rae & many more!  Sessions will meet on Tuesday nights (but not every Tuesday night…look for the title “Book Club” to find the sessions)  We have some copies of this book in the shop too!



One Reply to “Recent Pix Around the Studio”

  1. Love the updates, Would love to know more about all your new “gear” and tools as well as the awesome classes. Thanks for offering this amazing space for artists.

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