Check out the bags our Members made a couple weeks ago…in doing this project I realized I am nearly out of many of my spray paints in the studio so we’ve stocked up as you can see!  Come in and get some for yourself…Buy the complete set and get a 30% discount!

I’m always excited to find brand new products.  These markers are by Sharpie (one of my favorite brands) and are made for fabric.  They are called “Stained by Sharpie”…how fun is that?

And finally, the latest issue (May/June) of Somerset Studio has arrived…come and get it!


2 Replies to “new arrivals”

  1. Likey Andrea. I’d like to see the bags everyone made so I can get some ideas of how use these products or possibly sign-up for the class next time around.

  2. Hi there, if you hit the link up at the top of this post it will show you Cindy’s bag or hit “previous post” and see everyone’s bags. It will be a fun class on the calendar titled “Stenciled Canvas Tote” on Sunday, April 29 from 12pm-1pm for only $20

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