110 days remaining

A stack of vintage books from the flea market caught my eye this morning as I was crouched in front of the ink jet printer that rarely gets used….it is oh so slow…but I digress…

As I was waiting for my print to come out I flipped through a deliciously musty, vintage smelling “day planner” from 1947.  Of course I flipped to today’s page hoping for some spidery scrawling giving me a glimpse of what life was like in 1947.  Well, it appears that 64 years ago people didn’t fill in their daily calendar every day either!  There are many blank pages which lets me be a little more easy on myself for not keeping up with a daily practice of journaling…but one thing I did find out is that today is day 255 of the year…meaning we have 110 days remaining in 2011.

What will I do with these remaining 110 days?  What will you do with yours?  Share with me will you?


4 Replies to “110 days remaining”

  1. Some days I just lay around all day and I don’t want proof of that :-). Today is one of them. Had a fun art retreat weekend. Total art hangover! Thinking I’m heading back to visual journaling…..really like the Somerset faces and Suzi Blue styles.

  2. So much movement. The next 110 days will be filled with art time in my journal, producing great results at work, looking for something yummy to wear for my cousins wedding, taking my wisdom and pleasure courses in SF, Making art to sell in the studio for the holiday, going on a planning retreat with Andrea, Getting a jump on offering an ecourse, Traveling home for Christmas, finding something great to do for New Years,

    My 110 days is all about being in community in bright and beautiful ways that work for me AND the people around me.

  3. Wow, my plan is to find more time for art! It seems like work has been so busy…squeezing in art-play has been tough. I will get a list going to prioritize projects, have small things ready to travel, I can play over my lunch hour….. feels like time just slips away. It’s been too long Andrea, I enjoy the videos…edited or not 🙂 Just nice to see the juiciness happening in the studio!

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