Polymer Clay Mosaic Clock

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A dear friend, Rita,  hosted her birthday party here a while back.  All the guests brought handmade gifts…here is what I made her.  This is all polymer clay except the glass covered numbers (12, 3, 6 & 9) which are rubber stamped on vintage french book paper over top of chapter numbers.  It was so much fun to make I”ve added it as a class.  This one is 12×12, the class is 8×8 and the clock works in class are gold instead of black…but otherwise..you too can make a polymer clay mosaic clock.






2 Replies to “Polymer Clay Mosaic Clock”

  1. . . .You cannot believe how beautiful this clock is! I’m happy to learn that Andrea is turning this into a class. I can’t think of a more beautiful gift for yourself or someone else. . .FYI, the clock is in my bedroom and is the last thing I look at before I fall asleep and the first thing I see in the morning! Rita

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