I spent an inspiring (albeit often interrupted) day with my art sister Julie Valentine on Tuesday.  I am always so inspired by being with her and watching her process.   I shared that I still struggle with feeling like I don’t know who I am as an artist.  I dibble and dabble in lots of different mediums…I LOVE my art journal and though we are both working through filling a 600+ page MONGO book

I feel the need to really try to focus on finding my “voice”.  I desire a collection of pieces that feel genuinely mine.

SO…the 1000 Houses project was born.   Through the process of creating 1000 individual pieces of art I believe I will find my “voice” and really refine my skills.

Here is 1 of 1000

2 of 1000

and here is 3 of 1000 in progress

This promises to be a most delightful journey.  Watch for more updates…and help keep me accountable!


6 Replies to “Epic Project: 1000 Houses”

  1. Wow Andrea, what an inspiring project! Each house project is so unique already. Can’t wait to see what the future house projects look like!

  2. Amazing, artistic, and ambitious Andrea!!!
    You inspire me, teach me, and provide a very special space to create.
    I am so grateful you are in my life, and I am excited to follow your unique journey.

  3. You are so talented. Very ambitious project, but I know you will make it. I love the studio. You have made it a safe haven to play, experiment and just be and I have met so many great people there. Go Andrea!

  4. What a great project. It really lets your imagination loose and is nearly limitless. Have lots of fun with this and keep us informed.

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