all the LOVEly pages ready to compile into some seriously (24 pages) chunky books

The covers I made featured a grid of  inchies from the scanned pages everyone submitted…

Here you see the chunky goodness…thank you everyone who played along!  Next swap will be due on Thursday, April 14th.  Deadline to sign up is March 14th.

Next theme…Wings (think birds, butterflies, fairies, angels…)  Want to play along?  Get your name on the list by emailing  (this time there is a $5 participation fee)


6 Replies to “Chunky Book LOVE”

  1. Andrea- Thanks for this wonderful experience.The finished book is beautifully done. I’ve looked at the scrumptious pages each day. Always find something new.

  2. My chunky book is on my desk at work and is proving to be a wonderful way for me to introduce people to the studio! I think I may have a colleague join in the next Chunky Book project. 🙂
    Thank you for always so generously sharing your time and talent with us.
    You are the best!!!

  3. Andrea,

    What an amazing group effort. Thanks to you for the creative and beautiful covers. I’m ready for the next one!


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