Valentine Making Headquarters

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I LOVE this time of year…my love of all things <heart> obviously extends to even my business name…

Naturally A Work of Heart is the perfect place to come for any of your valentiney needs.

Next Saturday night kicks off our first event of the season…the Valentine Extravaganza is a 5 hour workshop featuring 5 different projects..all of them make perfect gifts or prized possessions to show a little self love!

Several people came by today to make some cards and crafts so I pulled all things heart related for cutting  and texturing paper, metal, fabric, tissue, etc….here is a visual for you…

Come by the studio any time we are open (calling first is always a great idea…408.266.1005) and make Heart themed goodies with our abundant tools.



2 Replies to “Valentine Making Headquarters”

  1. Andrea,
    I had so much fun cutting out hearts today with your amazing selection of tools!! The die cuts are so easy, and I can’t wait to come back for more 🙂 Can’t wait for Saturday night’s workshop. A Work of Heart is my favorite place to play and craft and socialize. You are the best!!

  2. Andrea,
    The Valentine workshop Saturday night was amazing! I came home with so many beautiful gifts and lots of inspiration! Thank you for offering a creative space and such excellent instruction.

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