I LOVE chunky books

and I”m not alone…I can’t tell you how many people fondle the collection I have here in the studio.  Oooos and Ahhhhs and “when are you offering this class?” are what I hear most often.

Here is the deal.  It isn’t much fun to have a chunky book with only 4 or 5 pages…not very chunky!  We’re aiming for 24 participants.

Sign up no later than Jan 22nd via email (andrea@aworkofheart.com)


  1. Design a page (front and back) that measures 4″x4″.  Anything goes for your background and imagery..just stick to the theme of “LOVE”
  2. Color copy your page onto heavyweight paper  (front and back) the appropriate number of times according to how many we have in the swap (I’m aiming for 24)  I’ll let you know on Jan 22nd the final count.
  3. Embellish your color copy with dimensional items (thus the “chunky” nature of the book)  MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE A 1/2″ margin along the gutter (LEFT) side of your page!
  4. Deliver your finished pages no later than Thursday, February 10th at 9pm (no late pages will be accepted) and your bound book will be available to pick up on Monday, February 14th at noon.

If you need inspiration, come by the studio and look through our books…

There is no charge to sign up for this swap.  However, if you need me to color copy your backgrounds I will do so for $10 ( you must have your original to me no later than Thurs. Feb 3rd)


5 Replies to “LOVE chunky book swap”

  1. I’m LOVING this swap. Since the very inspiring Vision Board class on Sunday, I’ve been very focused on looking for “love” all around me. The Vision Board is coming along famously (I stayed up the night of class working on it into the wee hours) and that has also served as inspiration for this trade. See you soon.

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