Scheduling a Thursday Jewelry Series…11am-1pm

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Part of my resolution for 2011 is to offer more daytime classes, so this series will start there..and if there is enough interest…a Sunday series will be next.

I offer about 8 or more jewelry making classes covering everything from PMC (precious metal clay) where you make your own silver, copper or bronze resin filled vintage button jewelry.

Here is what this 8 week series will include..

  1. Session 1:  Metal Clay- an introduction to Metal Clay using PMC3 Silver Clay.  In this workshop you will learn to roll and add texture to metal clay.  You will torch fire your pieces and walk away with .999 (nearly pure) silver pieces to add to your future jewelry designs.
  2. Session 2: Metal Clay – Beyond the basics.  Learn to create your own bails and hollow form beads and molded pendants.  Take what you learned in the first session and ramp it up a bit.  This time we will work with Copper OR Bronze clay.
  3. Session 3:  Intro to Resin Jewelry – In this workshop you will create texture metal pieces using art metal.  The metal bits will go into bezels (rings, bracelets & pendants) and you will fill with a 2 part epoxy resin.  In this workshop we will use the de-gassing chamber to provide you with the most clear and glass-like finish for your resin jewelry.  We will also take some of the leftover resin and adhere images to glass tiles for future jewelry projects…(see session 4)
  4. Session 4:  Soldering – In this class learn the basics of using a soldering iron to create pendants and charms with glass slides and glass bubbles.  We’ll also work with some glass tiles with resin adhered imagery from session 3.  This workshop will help you become proficient at adding a silver solder frame and jumprings to your pieces.
  5. Session 5:  Shrink Plastic Charms & Pieces- Learn to use simple shrink plastic to make amazing textured and dimensional charms and pieces for necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  You won’t believe your pieces are PLASTIC!
  6. Session 6: Vintage Spoon Pendants – In this workshop you will learn how to flatten and bend vintage spoons into beautiful custom jewelry.  We will use our metal stamps to add an inspiring word to the bowl part of the spoon and turn the handle part into a decorative pendant as well.
  7. Session 7:  Vintage Button Bracelet – Continue with your vintage journey by making a bracelet full of vintage shank buttons.
  8. Session 8:  “Junk Drawer” Jewelry – This workshop will feature old and new, mismatched bits and pieces of jewelry, buttons and notions…re-work them into a statement necklace.  Take pieces you’ve made in previous sessions and mix them with beads, buttons and more.  Learn some basic wire wrapping skills and walk away with a one-of-a-kind piece of art jewelry.

If taken individually, these workshops would cost over $275….Sign up for all 8 sessions and pay only $240.  This includes ALL supplies and 16 hours of instruction.

I’m adding these classes a la carte on the calendar but click here to register for the entire series for the reduced rate


Jewelry Series

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