A clean slate…Ahhh..

Do you make resolutions?  I do!  I have found that my ability to keep a resolution is directly related to how many people I tell of my new resolve.

This year is no exception and I hope you will all help by holding me accountable….stay tuned and read on to see what we’re up to.

My good friend Julie Valentine at The Red Dragonfly is launching a creative resolution challenge and I’m joining her on this journey.

What is Your Creative Resolution?

Creative Resolution 2011

Launching: Saturday, January 1, 2011
Creative Resolution Celebration: Wednesday, January 19th

What is your 2011 Creative Resolution?

Andrea Chebeleu of A Work of Heart and I are joining forces to invite you to declare your 2011 Creative Resolutions.  What will you do this year to expand your creativity and express your authentic self this year?  Tell us how you will be more creative this year and we will post your photo on our blog on Wednesday, January 19th for a Creative Resolution Celebration.

Creative Resolution: My creative resolution is to make appointments for creative play. I plan to use all the art supplies I have been stock piling and make dates with myself and my friends to be creative. That might also include making more time to be creatively inspired by going to art museums and music concerts.
Name: Julie
Location: California, USA

How to play…
1. Choose your creative resolution. How will you expand your creativity this year? If you need assistance discovering a focus try the Create Your Best Life survey.
2. Write your Creative Resolution on a big piece of paper.
3. Take a picture of yourself holding your creative resolution.
4. Upload your photo from January 1, 2011 – January 14, 2011
5. We will list everyone’s photo on our site Wednesday, January 19th for a Creative Resolution Celebration! 


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