Countdown Continues – 7 weeks and counting

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Yes, time does slip away from me…am I the only one?

So we are at 7 weeks and some change before the big event.

The lineup of sellers is coming together nicely.

Here is a sneak peek of what Severine Secret and Lisa Welty-O’Hare are offering


4 Replies to “Countdown Continues – 7 weeks and counting”

  1. Andrea,
    Thanks for the reminder of the boutique.
    As always, you provide inspiration, fun, and an opportunity to support local artists. Best of all, you make all of us who love to learn from you and your guest instructors feel as though we are artists 🙂
    You are absolutely the best!

  2. Andrea,

    Thanks so much for yesterday’s workshop. It was such a fun adventure to finally see your studio. I loved the project and I’m thrilled with how mine turned out. In fact they all turned out so different but equally amazing. And thanks for taking pictures of the process, I might have to snag a few from your blog. Thank you!!


  3. And I have to add I loved seeing your daughter’s creation while she was at the studio. You’re definitely cultivating great creativity and talent there =)

  4. Andrea, thank you so much for such a fun day yesterday! Great pictures, I may have to snag a couple also! I have also posted about the class on my blog…check it out!

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