Thoughts from the studio

I LOVE teaching…imparting inspiration…I thrive on this.  I am blessed beyond comprehension to have a place in which to that which I love.  I am fortunate.

I have a gift to share, and that is the only way I can keep this gift…to share it with others.

Last week, my very favorite class was on the calendar.  It was disheartening to have no one sign up for the class…but that happens (all too often).  What was really discouraging though was when a potential student who had not signed up walked in 10 minutes before class would have started.  I had to turn her away (from my very favorite class…the one that I LOVE to teach..the techniques I could do all day, every day..and be totally happy)…because I didn’t know she was coming…because there were no registrants for the class, so I wasn’t set up and ready to teach it.  Even more disheartening was when that potential student left, and 10 minutes later another student showed up…no, she hadn’t signed up either…she just got out of work early enough to make it to class…and yes, I had to turn her away as well.

So, here is where I am.  I continue to post classes to the calendar.  I continue to promote them in the weekly newsletter.  Many of then do not go due to lack of registration.  I am at a loss of what to do to remedy this.  A wise woman in my life (thank you Danielle) suggested that I blog about it.   People need to know that disappointment is part of my daily process.

What do I hope comes out of this experience?  I hope that if something appears on the calendar and you are interested that you will call me. (408.266.1005)  Even if you can’t make it to that session, just call me to tell me that the class is something you are interested in.  These classes won’t be here in the future if no one signs up for them…not only will the classes not be here, I won’t be here either.  This is how I pay the overhead for the studio.  I need your support.

The calendar is full of awesome opportunities for us to grow.  But I need registrations to make it work.  If you love the studio even a fraction of the amount I love it, won’t you make a commitment to register for a couple of classes each month?  We have over 1000 people on the mailing list, if even 5% of those people signed up for 2 classes each month, the overhead would be paid and the daily struggle would be lifted.

If this doesn’t fit into your realm of possibility, I hope you will join me in prayer that some other solution will be abundantly clear to me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.

Artfully yours,



7 Replies to “Thoughts from the studio”

  1. To those who consider signing up for classes but don’t…I sign up and pay for a class a week, automatically. I picked a night that works for me, and attend whatever is being taught that night. I consider this “Me Time”, “Art Therapy”, a chance to hang with friends. At times, life gets in the way, and I have to cancel. Andrea has always been cool with that, allowing me to apply the fee to an upcoming class, or coming in at another time to work on the project I missed. I am always able to call ahead and ask about an additional class that I suddenly have time for. I consider AWOH a retreat and one of my Happy Places. I don’t want to consider a life without Andrea and AWOH. Take the time to be good to yourself at AWOH!

  2. Andrea,

    I am so happy you wrote about what happened. I know that AWOH is an important place for all of us. It’s good to see how a little thought put in ahead of time can make such a HUGE difference in the lives of the people we love and the places that nurture our souls. I hope you get feedback from your students on how they can create something of value together with you. I love you so much, and I don’t know how I would have made it through the last several years without you and AWOH. It truly is my haven, where my soul flys.

  3. I have yet to visit your studio since I live in Austin Tx. I wish there was a place like that here. The local scrapbook stores are non-existant since there’s a Archivers, Hobby Lobby and a Michaels on about every corner. There’s a very good chance that we may be back to San Jose sooner than later. Steve’s job may move there in the next few months. My first place to visit will be your studio!!

    Hang in there Andrea, you are a truly gifted person!

  4. Andrea,
    Thank you for sharing all your inspiration with me/us. I will be more supportive b/c I want you and the studio to be here for me and my friends. Often times b/c of a monthly pay check I can’t preregister but I always try and give you a heads-up so you know to expect me. I love the Monday make & takes and am trying to introduce the studio to new friends to encourage them to participate. Eventually someone will come with me. Also I wholeheartedly support you writing this up in your blog. It’s good for us to get feedback too.
    So I’ll be there this afternoon for Fabric Fun and whatever the next session is going to look like. Plus I’m going to round up a small group of friends to come in and do “juicy papers” again. They’ll love it. We’ll be there. And I’ve got to get back for the rave too. Thank you and thank goodness we have the studio, we all need to be more supportive for you to continue.

  5. I have enjoyed the classes I have taken at AWOH. I work and live just a bit too far away to make it there for classes on week nights. I would love more weekend classes — like the “Juicy House Collage”

  6. Great post Andrea. I too, love AWOH. With my commute and such busy weekends it is a struggle to get there. I think you offer an AMAZING variety of workshops and I will try harder to make time to sign up for classes. I know every business is struggling and we have to support your wonderful shop to help you weather these tough times!!! Thanks for sharing!! Beth

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