Ahhh…a fresh NEW YEAR


New feels so good, doesn’t it?  A fresh start, a blank slate…all the possibilities ahead.

I anticipate great things this year.  I am grateful for 2009 and all, but I am REALLY thankful that it is complete and we’re moving on.

I have many intentions for the new year.  One of them is to participate in the inspiring project Lori and Karen are doing over at Weekly Gratitude.

I am so inspired.  I invite you to join me in this journey.

Joy and Peace!



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  1. boy… we had a conversation in mid-november about something similar didn’t we… i still think we should make it a class.

    what happened to tuesdays? i got my sister-in-law excited about tuesdays.

  2. So many things happening on Tuesdays it was a calendar space issue :(….if Tuesday works better for you and your sil though, let’s do it!

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