New and Gently Loved Supplies

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I’ve started taking some craft items on consignment. There is now tons to shop from thanks to one person cleaning out there scrapping room to make room for her new quilting machine.

Albums, embellishments, paper and much much more…I’m bundling some of the smaller items, but many things are brand new with price tags still on them.

If there is a store price tag you can count on it being half that price…There are $1 bins…Paper by the pound…and much more to explore.

2196 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose 95125
Sun – 12-5
Mon – 10-7
Tue – 10-9
Wed – 10-9
Thu – 10-9

Fri/Sat Closed

One Reply to “New and Gently Loved Supplies”

  1. I hope your art-y folks can join us over in the historic district of Niles in Fremont for the day – take a look at the website with all the opportunities to creatively play.


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