Great news!! We’ve chosen two new books for October/November book club.

If you still don’t know what book club is…allow me…

We choose a book to work from, cover to cover. Each week we meet to actually DO the projects and techniques featured in the book. It is that simple. No longer are we drooling, oohing and ahhing over the artist’s work in the book, we are getting our hands on the actual tools and supplies suggested and actually trying the techniques, making our own variations of the art. Cool huh?

Tuesdays at 7:30pm we are working out of Dorit Elisha’s book Printmaking + Mixed Media. The BEST part is that Dorit is local and has agreed to come and teach a workshop sometime during the two months we are covering her book. That will be an extra special treat! The fee for individual sessions is $25 but if you sign up for all 8 sessions you get a 20% discount! Making each session only $20. I’ll also be offering a special discount on Dorit’s workshop for whole session members.

Click here to pay for all 8 sessions and receive your discount.


Thursdays at 7:30 we will delve into Laurie Mika’s Mixed Media Mosaics. It was a blast having Laurie here in August. Many of us became addicted to polymer clay all over again. She makes it so simple to get stunning results. In this series, again, individual sessions are $25, sign up for all 8 and get the 20% discount.

Click here to register for all 8 sessions at the discounted price.

*******And…if you are a SUPERSTAR!! Sign up for BOTH Tuesday AND Thursday nights for an even better deal..and a super dose of creativity********* Click here to register for both Tuesday and Thursday nights through November


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