New Class – Juicy Journals!

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I’m excited to add a new class to my lineup in August.


Juicy Journals
Sunday, August 2

Join us to learn new techniques to turn flat blank journals in to juicy journals for your words, poetry, collage, photos, lists,mantras, ideas, songs, prayers, intentions, stories, notes, and dreams. In this class you will be able to spread out on big tables with tons of supplies as I share each technique. When I have covered all the techniques I will turn on some music and let you run wild with the techniques. I will be there to guide if you need it or you can rip the training wheels off and go for it.

You will learn…
– 5 + great techniques to cover pages for journaling.
– Quick easy ways to cover your journal pages with pattern and color using traditional art supplies and simple items you may find around your home.
– The top 5 tools every creative journaler should have in their magic tool box to journal at a moments notice.
– How to use tools to make creative journal patterns on pages and layer them in creative ways.
– The best techniques for making your journal an inspiration to write and create.

You get from this class …
– Several pages in your existing journal covered with CREATIVE JUICE!
– A jump start in your journaling process
– Inspiration…you will never look at a paper towel the same way again.
– You will feel like a creative genius after the class.

This class is for you if….
– You always wanted to make a funky journal like the ones you have seen from artists who create art journals, altered books, and mixed media books.
– You have been wanting to do something creative and you need a jump start and a little inspiration.
– You feel the creative muse calling you to write, journal, list, or create.
– If you need full permission to make a big “mess” with art supplies.
– You want to be around some cool artsy people doing fun artsty stuff.

What to Bring:
– A journal of your choosing (If you need a journal let us know and we will provide one for you for a fee $12)
– Comfortable clothes you can get messy in.
– Your open heart and mind.

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