How did it get to be May 13?

I’ve been a bad blogger!  I admit it!

You can correctly assume that means I’ve been super busy in the studio.

This month I’m trying something new.  Since the book club format has been so successful for the past 4 months I’ve added a book to Wednesday nights as well.  It is working out splendidly.  It is nice focusing on Scrapbooking one night a week.  I’ve missed it.  Scrapbooking was my first love at the very beginning of this business nearly 11 years ago.  While I’ve jumped out of that box and played with wild and reckless abandon, I still love designing pages with photos.

What I’m super excited about at this very moment is the fact that TEESHA MOORE!!  is coming in less than 48 hours!  Can’t believe how lucky we are to have her coming here to teach.  She is a major art idol for me and I hope I don’t totally geek out when I get to meet her!

So, speaking of my art idol, who are YOUR art idols?

Comment with your favorites and maybe, just maybe we’ll get them to come and teach here too!


One Reply to “How did it get to be May 13?”

  1. May 13th…you are a bad blogger 🙂 Thanks for a great monoprint class! Loved it…
    Count me in for an ice cream soda and garage sale shopping tomorrow…whooohoooo Beth

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