I can hardly resist the lure of acrylic paint and time on my hands.  Traci Bautista is such an inspiration…I just love using the techniques learned in her workshops.

I had so much fun with Julie Valentine making mailers for our customers who don’t have an email on file.  The problem was that our regulars came in and saw the beautiful painty goodness and felt a little left out….We can’t have that!  So, an excuse to paint some more delicious papers and do it all again.  I’ve pulled names of everyone who has supported the studio in one way or another by either taking classes, using studio time, participated in a garage sale or purchased studio owned product and came up with another 185+ names…so the second wave of mail will go out to these lovely people.


Look for one of these beauties coming soon in YOUR mailbox.  Make sure we have your physical address on file so you’ll be sure to get our periodic mailings.


One Reply to “Painty Hands, Painty Paper”

  1. I Love this…when you want to play again. I want to create backgrounds for my email mailing list to scan.

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