So today my mind kept drifting to a project I wanted to try…I am dying to make rings from the silver clay, however firing up the kiln is not my favorite thing cause it takes hours! So, using Metal Clay Silver 650 I rolled out a strip, added some texture with a Ten Seconds Studio wheel, formed it around a piece of pvc pipe to dry (not joining, just overlapping), sanded the edges a bit then torch fired it and voila! A sizable silver band. I think it is just lovely. I’ve heard it isn’t as “strong” as if it were fired in the kiln…time will tell. It didn’t fall apart when I tumbled it….so I’m wearing it and loving it!


What do you think?

Next, here is a shot of the bronzeclay I fired last week.  I’m loving it and want to make more!!  It sure feels interesting after working with pmc and metal clay silver.


I’ve had a fascination with bezels lately.  My plan is to fill them with resin…don’t know when or what I’ll put in the resin, but that is the plan…I had a couple of bails break off in the firing so I’m still working on that but for a first run I am 100% happy!

From now on in the Metal Clay Intro class you will have the choice of Metal Clay Silver or BronzClay (roughly 1/10th the cost of silver)


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