It has done my heart good these past few weeks fellowshipping with other artists and crafters. This studio filled with people sharing a common love is awe inspiring. The encouragement given and received during gatherings is measurable in the smiling faces and laughter that rings out.

I love it when people enjoy themselves creating. Whatever the end result is, when people are making things they LOVE it fills the air. The end result is the studio is a better place for it.

In keeping it short this morning I just want to make a mental checklist..and since I’m updating the blog you all get to be privy to it.

In the next week it is my intention to:

Write out the Studio Club Membership terms and publish

Set up the calendar with Marah Johnson information

Have Pat work on a special studio MOVING/REARRANGING project (you all are going to LOVE IT)

I’m signing off to make a game for later on this afternoon. I took pictures of all the studio guest’s (the Holiday Extravaganza Weekend) workspaces this morning. I’m going to make a fun photo crop game and let them guess who’s space is who’s. For now, here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Beth and Melinda
Beth and Mary
Teri & Joan
Diane & Lisa
Diane & Lisa
Tracy & Diane
Tracy & Diane

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