Sunday’s List making

It has been a luxuriously quiet morning after spending the evening with 5 kids tromping around the house. My oldest had two neighbor kids for a sleepover. They thought it would be fun to stay up as late as they could…which means I slept with one eye open (and eventually on the couch cause they kept coming out of the room)

But now that I sit in this delicious silence I can get to work on what I need to do:

I was fortunate enough to meet with Ryan Kuder on Friday to get come coaching on social networking. He has the same passion (and sparkle in his eyes) for this(social networking thing) as I do for my studio so this should be the beginning of a glorious thing.

I left the meeting with an assignment of crafting a list of search terms…here goes my working list…I’m sure it will need some refining

DIY crafting
Indie Crafts
Arts & Crafts
Paper Crafts
Memory Albums
Photo Albums
Card Making
Altered Art
Mixed Media Art
Altered Books
Altered Art
Recycled (Green) Crafting
ATC & ACEO (artist trading cards, art cards editions & originals)
Jewelry Crafting
Bead Making
Polymer Clay

I could just go on and on but think I need to work more on making standard categories…many of these items fall within categories and subcategories….I’m glad to have Ryan walking me through this process.

More writing this morning revealed some of my objectives: I want to build a strong and active community based on shared creative passions.

We are a melting pot of artists and crafters of all varieties

Jewelry Makers
Altered Artists
Mixed Media Artists
Doodlers & Dawdlers
Journal keepers
Crafty people
Artsy people
End even those who don’t consider themselves creative at all but who love it all the same.

Our common thread is the passion we share for our craft of choice.

Our studio is filled with the raw materials and tools that MAKE! it possible to create handcrafted “stuff”. We are stocked with

  • A Die Cutting center filled with hudreds of dies for cutting paper, chipboard, acrylic, fabric and more
  • A Digital Cutter for the same types of materials
  • Tools for Soldering and firing
  • A Dremel for drilling, cutting, sanding and polishing
  • Wire & Metal tools
  • Stamping & Block printing
  • Paints (acrylics and watercolor)
  • Inks (solvent, pigment and water based)
  • Art Mediums of all kinds for mixing, gluing, sealing, texturing
  • Embellishments like glitter, beads, buttons, eyelets, brads and more
  • Fiber, ribbon, floss, thread, string, cord
  • Substrates like metal, glass, acrylic, chipboard/cardboard, canvas, wood and paper
  • A computer, scanner, copier and color laser printer is available for use.

The list really goes on and on and on…To some it is overwhelming…Some really “get it” though. I love to see the sparkle in the eye of someone who sees the space for the first time..The realization and recognition of the potential inside these walls is powerful stuff.

It is my intention to get this information out there. So far the studio has been our comminity’s best kept secret, a private hide-away, a personal haven….. It is my intention to build an active community of passionate crafters to share this space.

Now off to prep for the moms from my kid’s school….and then a card making meetup.



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