what I LOVE about my craft of choice

altered…everything has the potential, in my eyes, to be altered.   From soup cans to cd cases…I love recycled art MUCHO!  However,  I lovingly fondle raw materials around the marketplace….Each piece of chipboard, each sheet of heavy weight watercolor paper, pads of paper, chunky wooden letters…all of them await my personal touch.  Splashes of color, bits of texture, the addition of words or symbols…

It is sometimes even the anticipation that I love the most.  Well, not “most” but I truly love to savor the anticipation of creating something.  I might start with an appetizer of a sort…stamping…adding a color wash….drizzle and scrape backgrounds…a shot of texture paste to manipulate

But then I get to move on…

Sometimes this is a part of the process that gets halted…stilted….interrupted….”back burner-ed”…And that is ok too.  I know that what I’ve started with I can choose to pick up and use later….that is the beauty of my kind of craft…its flexibility.  Much of the time the process of crafting brings greater joy than the finished product..but when something magical comes out of the playful process  I am beside myself with excitement.

Julee‘s class yesterday yielded some fantastic looking pieces.  It was a joy having the 4 guests here and Julee, as always it was inspiring having you in our studio.

Leila, I love seeing the joy in your eyes when you’ve created something beautiful.  All the stress of the week melts away.. Grace, you are fearless in your creative endeavors.  Linda, I am so glad you are a new part of our community here in the studio…and Alison Wong’s mom actually drove over from Stockton!  Elena it was a pleasure having you here.  I hope you come back for another workshop soon.  Everyone’s pieces turned out beautiful!

…I wish I had gotten out my camera…don’t know where my mind was.  I know some pictures were taken though, so maybe I can beg a link to one….

And on the homefront:

The kids are off from school today which makes “working” difficult at best.  I came out to get in my car today and find my husband has decided that since the van(which he called “his car”…umm…ok)  gets thrashed by the kids and he spent all day cleaning it yesterday (instead of finishing our kitchen, mind you…) he will now be the driver of the van.  I know he has a much larger voice and should have no problem policing the backseat activities…monitoring the kids and their trash is a drag.  I’m happy to have a smaller car to monitor now.  His Corolla is a zippy little thing and I’m ok with driving a different car…though it was kinda like a sucker punch to come out this morning to not “my” car but “his”…no explaination…just my phone charger moved over to my new ride.  Hmm…I like the way blogging has helped me choose my perspective (previously I could have attached to the negative aspects and chosen to complain and live with a dark attitude..that is not my intention today…)

One Reply to “what I LOVE about my craft of choice”

  1. know how you feel. when i get a good idea, i love the anticipation. lots of good ideas here on this site. it’s got my head spinning with what to make this weekend.

    cd cases

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