I find myself mildly obsessive (at some times more than others)…For a while now my “go-to” activity (as soon as I could get some total alone/quite time) has been folding these tiny 3″x3″ mini books out of 90lb cold press watercolor paper.  I love to doodle, so filling these pages with pen markings using my favorite waterproof marking tools has been completely soothing.

So, one day I’ll make a batch of these books, then the next time I have a moment to sit down (often times on the couch with the tv in the background)  I fill these booklets with doodles and words.  My next step has been to color in randomly with watercolor crayon or pencil.  I’ll pick one color after another and turn each page adding here and there as it feels right.  finally, the pages comes to life when I add water to the pencil and blend.  More water here puddles and swirls colors mixing randomly on the pages.  Creating color variations I didn’t even dream of earlier in the process.

My booklets are very crude but I LOVE them…I find soothing relaxation in creating them, I gain profound insight when I use them to journal thoughts into….I love the surprise of what the pages look like after the water hits the surface.


These are a couple of them mid process…Actually, I consider all of my booklets mid-process…I get such joy out of making them and adding to them….I look forward to revisiting them often in the future.

Here is the one I’ve most recently added to

before water
before water
after water
after water

Ok, my play hour is over…now it is time for me to get to “work”  (making Caroline’s scrapbook…I’m working on titles tonight)


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