my soapbox about MAKING! time

We all have the same number of hours in a day.  Some of you are in that stage of life where you never get a full night’s sleep so life feels at times fragmented into bits and pieces.  Some of you have insane schedules with activities, responsibilites and home life cramming every minute of every day…some of you have been through this and have come out the other side realizing there HAS to be a better way.  I’ve been in every  one of these stages/phases….I speak from my experience only, not yours…

When I actually MAKE! time for doing something I LOVE, I am an all around happier, healthier and more giving and patient person to everyone else.  When I ROB myself of this time I find it easy to fall into a pattern of discontent..dissatisfaction…a general grumpiness…I don’t LIKE the feelings that surface when I haven’t been “filling my soul” by doing what I LOVE.

More on this later…maybe…I haven’t even started telling you what excuses I hear for why it is ok to NOT MAKE TIME!


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