so what brought me here to my blog today?

I’ve been struggling again with balancing it all.  I find value in reading other people’s blogs, but haven’t followed suit and found value in writing my own.  Such a dichotomy…my life is FILLED with these sort of things….so HERE I GO!  Jumping in…BOTH FEET….I”ve looked, now I am LEAPING…

I was drawn to my computer when I really SHOULD be completing this pressing project that I’ve been procrastinating about.  But just sitting there a few moments ago it HIT me between the eyes what it is that has truly kept me out of the process I so LOVE!??  What is it you ask??  Fear of Failure!  Yes, its a biggy…one I deal with every single moment of every single day.   I find myself telling myself over and over…”you’re going to fail” and “this is how you’re going to do it”….EEK!  that is enough to induce anyone’s avoidance of a task!!

So, here I am, in crunch time.  I found myself in tears over the pure raw emotion of what enjoyment I get out of the actual process of “scrapbooking”.  WHY then have I been avoiding it?

Well, I came up with a list….and yes, with a little arm twisting I will share it with you.  So, is anyone out there?  Are you curios why I’ve been holding myself back?


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