I’m going to allow myself the luxury of simply brain dumping here…sometimes it may not be pretty but I’ll try to warn you.

I’ve found myself loving blog land. I follow many daily. I feel inpowered. I feel inspired…I am encouraged to go on because I read these real thoughts and feelings that surround me in other women who are much like I am.

I have yet to take real responsibility for doing the same thing…out here…in blog land. What if no one reads me? What if no one cares? What if I fail or make myself look like a fool? What if they find me out for the fake that I am? I am living out of fear of “what if?” and failing to do something that could be the tipping point.

There WILL BE A TIPPING point! There will be a moment in which I see the floodgates open and the tide will change. I need to step out of the way. Put ego on the back seat and let be what will be. I have to allow those who want to come to me…learn from me….come to me and do so. I have to allow those who want to come to another artist, learn from another artist…come and do so.

I am a facilitator. A creative facilitator. I am not a teacher, I do not instruct you how to do something. I share what I’ve done, I show how it works for me. I may not have walls hanging with my “art” but I do surround myself with the mediums I love to get creative with. These are the raw materials people create amazing stuff with.

These are the blogs I follow…what I am inspired by daily….or as they post…

Where else should I go?  Who else should I seek out?  What will allow me to have that much more to offer those who come through my doors.

One Reply to “wow!”

  1. Fabulous list, Andrea. I look forward to looking it over indepth in the next couple of days.

    As the happy fates would have it, I just started a blog this last week–on my birthday, as a kick off to the 40s. It has my bent toward food in it, mostly, and I’m curious to see how it evolves over time…

    You can check it out at http://www.sweetteasunshine.blogspot.com

    Good luck with things–your creativity is inspiring to me, and I’m sure to many others as well!

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