Crafting ADD

I’ve just had an Ahaaaaa moment.  I have Crafting ADD.  I find myself flitting from one craft to another because I love so many different aspects of each craft.  This does not make one of my obsessions any more or less valuable than another.

It hurts sometimes to hear someone talking with disdain or dissatisfaction about any one of my craft obsessions because they are all like old friends.  Even the one I’m spending time with most often can turn its nose up at another “distant cousin” and express how much BETTER  she is than the other.

I know this is getting all convoluted as it comes out but here is the situation.

We (my partner and myself) have Crafting ADD….we love the latest..greatest..shiny-est..newest thing out there…And at the same time, the creative use of these “things”…We never like to take appreciation away from our roots.  Paper crafting started with just one thing.  For as long as someone has been doing this type of thing, there has been pretty papers.  These papers are used in a multitude of ways.  Decoupage, collage, Art Cards, Scrapbooks, Cards, Bookmarks, assemblage art….Most of these use many of the same mediums and yet when we see any one of these words we may turn off to the rest of the possibilities.

What I want YOU to know is that we are ALL of these things.  We strive to be a place where ANYONE can walk in, off the street with nothing in their hands and leave with some creative expression from their heart.  As cornball and touchy feely as that sounds, it is what I truly desire most deeply.

When YOU make the time to come in and USE what we have gathered here YOU make it what it is!  A Community!  I wish to build a community of Crafting ADD people who love the exploration along the journey as much as I do.

I desire a community who find value in the same things I do.

The feel of paint at the tip of your brush as it makes that first bold stroke across the page.

The feel of looking at a completed scrapbook page

The smell of fragrant candles or beeswax as I melt and pour candles or spread beeswax over a canvas piece.

The weight of a mini folded journal in my hands…the texture of the pages between my fingers…the way the watercolor crayon marks the surface and blends together…the blurring of color as it covers the surface…the

I will do what I love and leave room for people to do what they love.

If I decide to craft something different each night I will.  I will share my calendar in hopes that you decide to come and play too.

Every once in a while along the way you will experience a guest artist along the way.  I hope they come with more and more frequency.  The more people I can bring in along the way…people who inspire others…people who draw in other likeminded creatives…this builds a community.

It is my desire to provide a community board for you to express your desires and meet with other likeminded people.


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